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    Our Mission

    Southern Beat is an artistic powerhouse. Defining the future of entertainment, we produce, create, choreograph and costume dance shows of the highest quality. 

    Creating authentic art that originates from the heart is a priority of the company, which operates on unwavering standards of integrity and embodies a spirit of excellence.

    Constantly Striving for Excellence…

    Our dance choreographers are at the top of their class and consistently produce engaging and impressive shows that wow audiences. It is our goal to make your event the memorable occasion it deserves to be.

    Working across Melbourne, our team of producers, choreographers, creatives and dancers are selected from among the best in the state and their experience, fervour and specificity is what gives Southern Beat the steady, strengthening pulse we have become so proud of.

    Our Managing Team of Internationally Respected Industry Professionals

    The company owes much of its success to the persistent and passionate senior management team working internationally to ensure the relevance and innovation of the Southern Beat brand is in line with the latest multicultural trends in performing arts.

    Chantel Runting – CEO, Australian office

    Chantel Runting is a dynamic dance visionary.  Her extraordinary career began in professional dance. Her feistiness and strength as a performer have taken her to America, England, Canada, Japan,… Read More

    Alexandra Gray – Director, USA office

    Alexandra Gray is a renowned member of the worldwide dance industry. Chanel, Gucci and Tiffany are among the countless corporations who have hired her as a dancer… Read More