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    Southern Beat is an artistic powerhouse. Defining the future of entertainment, we produce, create, choreograph and costume dance shows of the highest quality. 

    Creating authentic art that originates from the heart is a priority of the company, which operates on unwavering standards of integrity and embodies a spirit of excellence.

    Chantel Runting – CEO, Australian office

    Chantel Runting is a dynamic dance visionary.  Her extraordinary career began in professional dance. Her feistiness and strength as a performer have taken her to America, England, Canada, Japan,… Read More

    Alexandra Gray – Director, USA office

    Alexandra Gray is a renowned member of the worldwide dance industry. Chanel, Gucci and Tiffany are among the countless corporations who have hired her as a dancer… Read More


    As a connoisseur of all things creative Sam Gaskin has graduated onto every major stage and screen in Australia . From the Arias to the Logies to every film clip, musical and tour in between… Read More

    john hamilton – artistic DIRECTOR, BEAT ENTERTAINMENT

    A quiet achiever JohnHamilton has a bachelor of fine arts from Otago university.  John’s artist vision coupled with 30 years of hospitality and events management experience makes him a force… Read More