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     Management Team of Internationally Respected Industry Professionals 

    The company owes much of its success to the persistent and passionate senior management team working internationally to ensure the relevance and innovation of the Southern Beat brand is in line with the latest multicultural trends in performing arts. 

    Dance on over to Southern Beat Today! 

    With the industry knowledge and experience needed, Southern Beat Productions have an entertainment solution that will help you and your event to stand out among the rest. Using only the cream of Melbourne’s professional dancers, we provide high quality, high energy shows that our clients truly love! 

    Experienced. Sleek. Elegant. Accurate

    After employing the right choreographer for your event, it’s important that the Managing talent matches what your choreographer creates for you. When it comes to dancers, Southern Beat deal only with the best and will ensure the performers executing the choreography will deliver the best finished product possible — polished and professional!

    Each of our contracted dancers have a breadth of experience, expertise and precision in a number of dance styles, including contemporary dance. We understand that sourcing your own talent for a project or event can be daunting when you haven’t got a specific insight into the performing arts industry. Southern Beat take the risk away, sourcing and providing you with only the most trustworthy talent with the guarantee that they will bring the energy and ability you require.