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  • Sam Gaskin

    Beat Entertainment – Managing Director 

    As a connoisseur of all things creative SAM GASKIN grew up in the clubs raised by a pack of wolves and graduated onto every major stage and screen in Australia . From the Arias to the Logies to every film clip, musical and tour in between SAM has worked consistently within all realms of entertainment for the past 12 years. To deliver the best you have to have worked with the best on all levels from the disco to the high-end world of fashion film and all things corporate.  

    Heading up BEAT ENTERTAINMENT, SAM brings a wealth of knowledge on what it actually takes to make your event stand out in the crowd and give you the point of difference you need. A quiet achiever in his spare time SAM likes to host events for “Microsoft”, write songs for some of Australia’s best artist and sign record deals with New York labels.  

    His television and film credits include ORANGE, NEIGHBOURS, ANGRY BOYS and comedy sketch show, SKITHOUSE. 

    He has also appeared in various commercials and worked with the likes of GUY SEBASTIAN, JESSICA MAUBOY, RICKI-LEE COULTER, VANESSA AMOROSI and MARCIA HINES.